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VanGo Camper Rentals

A new type of adventure in a classic Volkswagen

Covid-19 Update

Covid-19 has altered how we operate as a business. VanGo desires for customers to feel prepared, comfortable, and safe for their classic camper adventure.

Each camper will be disinfected with a commercial Ozone gas treatment. This special treatment ensures that all the nooks and crannies will be free of viruses and germs. Additionally, orientations are now viewed on an I-pad tablet inside your VanGo rental before departure to avoid orientation in close quarters with a staff member. Answering questions and connection with VanGo staff will be present, just not standing in close proximity.

Vacations may look/feel different this year due to social distancing practices – VanGo will include information re: these changes in your manual. State parks plan to reopen, but there is a list of other camp options (national forests, Hipcamp, etc.) on our site under travel resources. Additionally, a fun idea – some folks may want to get out of their house but stay nearby – day trips to parks, picnics somewhere new, and backyard camping in a Volkswagen camper can bring a new adventure to your world.

Why VanGo:

You want to experience something different, a little outside-the-ordinary, in a positive memory-making machine. You want to be on the road in a classic camper with loved ones or for a solo trip. You’re looking for connection and adventure, the refreshing outdoors in a whole new way. Read the buzz from past renters HERE

How to VanGo:

Cruise in a retro 1980s Volkswagen Vanagon camper van. This head-turning sweet ride is an easy-to-drive RV, serviced and updated to be safe and reliable on the open road.

What VanGo Offers:

VanGo campers are equipped with all your necessary sleep/kitchen/camp gear, comfy sleeping spaces for four campers, kitchen amenities, and plenty of other wonderful perks to make your trip comfortable.

When to VanGo:

From May through October travel the great upper Midwest states. Beauty and wonderment awaits you.

Why Choose a VanGo Auto Vanagon Rental?

VanGo Auto Vanagon Rental Adventure

Typical/Standard Trip – motorhome, towable, tent, hotel

The chance to drive a cool and classic vehicle. Excited by the nostalgic “back-in-the-day” memories of a vintage, old-school Vanagon. Have fun doing something different.

Same old typical/standard experience that everyone else is doing

Just enough amenities – comfort without compromising the connection to the sounds, smells, and vibes of the fresh outdoors

Excessive bells and whistles can distract and remove you from a close-to-the-earth camping experience

Good gas mileage, versatile, and easy to drive in tight spaces

Gas guzzler, oversized and bulky motorhome

A road trip, beautiful scenery, feeling the breeze, glamping fun, bonfires, stargazing, and campfires

Expensive plane/hotel/car rental combo and missing out on an outdoor excursion

Flexibility and convenience of traveling/sleeping/hanging where and when you want

Plane delays and hotels that box you away from the outdoors

Simply just show up to VanGo with your clothes and food and go. Outfitted with all the camping, sleeping, and cooking necessities

Having the worry you forgot something and the time it takes to make sure you do not.

Comfort, kitchen, beds, hangout area in case of bad weather, and there being no difficult set-up/take-down experience

Tent camping – kinked neck, sore back, too cold/hot, and soaked belongings by the end of the trip.

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