Why rent VanGo?

Memories that make you smile

A Trusted & Caring Company

VanGo Rental is about relationships and caring for people’s vacation experiences. Here are some of the ways we ensure renters are comfortable and taken care of before, during and after their VanGo journey.

  • VanGo staff responds ASAP to questions and needs. You can call us at any point during your trip and we will take care of you. If you have questions before booking, send us an email at info@VanGoAutomotive.com or call us. When you arrive for orientation, you will have 40-minutes dedicated to orientate you on the camper features and operations. You will feel prepared when you depart the lot with your classic camper for Scamp trailer.
  • We care about comfort – all the sleep, kitchen, camp gear is provided to make your trip easy, and there are add-on amenities available to personalize your trip. Gear listed HERE
  • VanGo has compiled travel resources HERE to assist in your trip planning
  • VanGo even includes a travel gift to your liking from local companies – @peace_coffee for fresh coffee grounds or @HighlandCafeAndBakery for freshly baked cookies.

VanGo Auto stands behind VanGo Rental

VanGo Auto, a quality import repair shop, maintains VanGo Rental’s fleet. VanGo is proactive with repairs and maintenance so you have no interruptions in your travel excursion.

  • VanGo has not been shy to provide upgrades to our classic VW campers and also provide love to our newest member of the fleet, Poppy the fiberglass pull behind Scamp trailer.
  • Each VW camper has had on average $20,000 in upgrades to refresh each vintage gem.
  • Before each trip, there’s a multi-check inspection to ensure renters stay safe and comfortable on the road.
  • Every major system on each van has been upgraded or replaced.
  • New or rebuilt engines and transmissions.
  • New cooling and fuel systems, new brakes, suspension, and tires, electrical system tested
  • Upgraded amenities – refrigerator, faucet, stereo, auxiliary battery, USBs, inverter, heaters, etc.

Why Choose a VanGo Vanagon Rental?

VanGo Auto Vanagon Rental Adventure

Typical/Standard Trip – motorhome, towable, tent, hotel

The chance to drive a cool and classic vehicle. Excited by the nostalgic “back-in-the-day” memories of a vintage, old-school Vanagon. Have fun doing something different.

Same old typical/standard experience that everyone else is doing

Just enough amenities – comfort without compromising the connection to the sounds, smells, and vibes of the fresh outdoors

Excessive bells and whistles can distract and remove you from a close-to-the-earth camping experience

Good gas mileage, versatile, and easy to drive in tight spaces

Gas guzzler, oversized and bulky motorhome

A road trip, beautiful scenery, feeling the breeze, glamping fun, bonfires, stargazing, and campfires

Expensive plane/hotel/car rental combo and missing out on an outdoor excursion

Flexibility and convenience of traveling/sleeping/hanging where and when you want

Plane delays and hotels that box you away from the outdoors

Simply just show up to VanGo with your clothes and food and go. Outfitted with all the camping, sleeping, and cooking necessities

Having the worry you forgot something and the time it takes to make sure you do not.

Comfort, kitchen, beds, hangout area in case of bad weather, and there being no difficult set-up/take-down experience

Tent camping – kinked neck, sore back, too cold/hot, and soaked belongings by the end of the trip.

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