The Planning Process

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Good to know during the planning process

  • LONG & FAST TRIPS? – The vans are intended for cruising vs. sprinting – chilling vs. rushing through. We do not recommend extremely long and fast travel days. The vans have the ability to reach 70 mph speeds; however, there’s no cruise control. The Scamp trailer can be taken longer stints and distances but we recommend not going over 70 mph speeds and slower during poor weather and curves in the roads to prevent tipping the trailer.
  • CHECK OUT & IN TIMES – You can schedule your orientation with a starting time as early as 9am and as late as 5pm. A rental night is for up to a 24-hour period. For example, if you pick up your rental at 9am, on your returning date, you return the rental at 9am. There is a 3-hour leeway past the 24-hour return period at no extra charge. Later returns past the 24-hours plus the leeway time are possible for a $60 cost; however, all returns must be complete at 6:30pm.
  • WHERE CAN I TRAVEL? – VanGo’s Vanagon travel region is MN, WI, ND, SD, IA, and Upper MI. Sometimes trips are allowed outside the region if it’s a long trip and not too far outside the VanGo region. VanGo’s Scamp trailer is allowed nationwide.
  • WHO’S THIS FOR – VanGo’s fleet of classic vans are special and irreplaceable. Families and dogs love the vanlife; however, all kids and dogs may not be ready for a classic van experience. If there are kiddos and a pup that may be rough on a classic gem, perhaps now is not the best time to try out VanGo. VanGo’s Scamp trailer is also a special rental; although it’s not a classic vehicle, it’s still rare/sought after and we want to keep all our rentals in tiptop condition for the next renter – please help us do that.
  • HOW IT DRIVES – Vanagon campers are an enjoyable travel mode – the driver sits high up and over the front wheels, the compact van size enables you to easily maneuver, the large windows help you view the landscape in full, and the pop-up top provides you with another bed and the ability to comfortably stand inside. The Scamp trailer is easy to pull behind your SUV or all wheel drive vehicle. Backing up and turning you will get down with careful practice.
  • IS THERE COST FOR MILEAGE? – The standard cost includes sleep/kitchen/camp gear and also includes 150 Vanagon miles averaged per rental night and 35 cents per mile thereafter. For example, for a five-night trip, a renter would have 750 miles to use freely during the trip and anything after 750 miles would cost more. It is completely acceptable for renters to use more miles than what comes with the standard package.
  • DISCOUNTS – We have discounts for previous VanGo rental customers, early bird bookings, and trips 7-nights and more. Discounts cannot exceed 15%. If you don’t know what exact trip dates yet but want the early bird booking discount, purchase a gift card and score the discount. You can book your trip dates later with your gift card.
  • MINIMUM NIGHTS – There’s a 3-night minimum for Vanagons and 5-night minimum for the Scamp trailer on the shoulder season (May/Sept/Oct). During peak season (June/July/Aug) there’s a 4-night minimum for Vanagons and 6-night minimum for the Scamp trailer. If you need to forfeit a night, we donate a trips to organizations supporting families in need. Your night forfeited does not go to waste, you are donating it.
  • FAQ – The frequently asked questions are truly helpful for those other questions and to understand fine details even more.
  • PLANNING RESOURCES – If you need some ideas for your camper adventure, let us help. Trip resources HERE and trip itineraries HERE.
  • TAKE ADVANTAGE OF YOUR CAR REPAIR DISCOUNT – All rental customers receive 10% off on their VanGo Auto car repair and/or maintenance during or after their trip. Customers find it convenient to park in the VanGo lot, drive away on their camper trip, and when they return their car is serviced and/or fixed. You are welcome to park in the VanGo lot regardless repair work or not.
  • STILL HAVE QUESTIONS – If you still have questions after reviewing the website or want to schedule a time to preview a camper, please connect with us, we would be happy to help.
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